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One of the main aims of the SKS Group is to maintain a leading position in the market for glass-to-glass furnace repairs.

It is our belief that a glass-to-glass repair includes the responsibility for the planning of the complete project. The project begins with the draining of the furnace, continues with the delivery and installation of the steelwork, the installation of the refractories, heating up and filling, and ends with the application of the insulation.

We have the capacity to handle multiple projects at the same time and we are proud of the fact that all our projects have been completed within schedule.

The SKS team know-how will provide the best possible solution, on time.

These are similar to complete repairs in that:
- the furnace is drained
- the damaged or worn material is removed
- any modified parts of the steelwork required are supplied
- the refractory materials are installed

The main differences are:
- the furnace is cooled down in a controlled manner
- differences can occur between the planned extent of the work and what is actually found to be necessary
- it is necessary to decide what should be repaired and what need not be touched

SKS can help you whenever and wherever you need us.

Our specialist teams have accumulated extensive experience of carrying out high-risk repairs under extreme temperature conditions. Their assistance is always available when you need it most.

Services such as furnace inspection, hot drilling for the installation of electrode holders, electrode holder exchange, drilling to determine furnace bottom thickness, exchange of the working end superstructure, tank overcoating with lowering of the glass level when necessary, crown or superstructure repairs or the replacement of the complete regenerator packing during furnace operation are just some of the difficult jobs that we carry out.

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