The SKS solution

The globalisation of the glass industry has resulted in an increasing trend towards the outsourcing of responsibility for installation and maintenance work. Under these circumstances a high level of quality and efficiency can only be guaranteed by a company with exceptional experience and a wide range of services. This is the rationale behind the restructuring of our Company and the formation of SKS GmbH.

The expansion of our organisation has enabled us to increase our capacity to carry out furnace repairs and provide services to the glass industry worldwide.

SKS GmbH was founded in 2002. Our specialist teams carry out installation and maintenance work in all areas of the glass industry in which refractory materials are used. We also specialise in the organisation and execution of complete glass-to-glass repairs of melting furnaces. We have the capacity to organise and carry out several glass-to-glass projects simultaneously, whilst retaining our normal high quality and speed.

With our worldwide organisation we have been able to:

  • ensure that we are always close to our customers
  • improve the range and quality of our services
  • develop and maximise our competence in connection with glass-to-glass projects
  • improve our service network by utilising the capabilities of our own local organisations
  • provide quicker reaction and better flexibility by utilising our local resources
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